Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vain surgery

breast augmentation, or even augmentation mammoplasty, call it as you with, it has been stigmatized as vain surgery.  Therefore, if you want a boob job done, you are vain. If more than, half of the female celebrities in the world have had this kind of plastic surgery done, more than half of the world's female celebrities are vain.
So what? Just make sure that what after you put yourself through this kind of surgery, you will be happier than you were before. You wanted this surgery done for some very clear reasons, and that means you have set yourself some goals of which surgery is just the first. You had better go for them after you get the breast enlargement done. With your lovely new breasts in place, this is completely up to you.

Some people say it's easy like pie, other say it's dangerous. More than the fear of being vain for wanting such a thing, this should be an obstacle. Tops have been listed, with reasons for not getting this kind of surgery done, and one of the main reasons for it was that too many doctors are allowed to do this.  There is true to this assumption, insofar as this is implant surgery, and human bodies have been known to reject implants sometimes, for no known reasons. Such a rejection is not a simple knock-knock on your inside, saying that the time of your implant is done, but it usually brings about very severe health alterations.

Still, this is somehow off topic, if you really want a boob job done. Maybe many doctors are shallow in knowledge and many-lacked responsibility when they have started to do breast implants without thorough study, but no one on earth would ever force you to pick exactly this kind of a medic to have your surgery done. You have already been accused for being vain. Be vain again and tell yourself that you deserve the nicest implanted breasts available and the safest clinic that you can afford. Be vain enough to save up for your surgery and vain enough to listen to all the useful little lectures that only a serious doctor would provide you with. In addition, be vain enough to follow your doctor's pre op and post op instructions. Now you are urged to be vain.

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