Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Healthy Recipes of Three Meals for White Collar

Breakfast: soya milk boiled with duck eggs
Soya milk adds kidney qi, and the duck egg adds kidney yin. Putting them together not only can eliminate toxins and beautify, but also can anti-aging. For people having acnes, especially those have acnes in the upper cheek, it is a great help. It can eliminate toxins and remove lung heat. In addition, eating a fruit before breakfast is a good choice. There is oxidation effect of fruit, so eating can detox first and then add protein.
Lunch: rose tofu
Cut tofu into slices, less oil, pour into the pan to gently fry, add oil and salt, then pour into the fresh rose petals, and fry with tofu several times and then it will be ok.
This dish can support color and condition acnes as well, having detoxification function. Tofu both can add and eliminate: remove lung heat and nourish the kidney. It contains a lot of isoflavones, which are a hormone that can regulate the endocrine. A lot of females with high pressure will tend to have endocrine imbalance, accelerating, irregular menstruation, and even the case of early menopause. To alleviate these symptoms, you need to eat a lot of soy.
Rose is to regulate the liver qi, and very calm. For white-collar women, especially women with a lot of pressure, the greatest benefit of rose is to relieve pressure and remove toxins in the working environment.

Dinner: something light
It is better to eat lighter in the evening. No matter eating what at dinner, remember to eat less and eat earlier. The ideal situation is dinner can be resolved at 6 o'clock.
But for white-collar women, eating dinner at 6 pm is a little unrealistic. Therefore, it is suggested, that the later to eat less. Many people will feel hungry in the evening, it is because over 11, the yang volatile, naturally we want to add energy, it will likely feel hungry. If overtime is not the case, go to bed before 11 o'clock as possible as you can. Therefore, even if you eat less at night, you will not feel hungry, especially in the case of eating breakfast.
Some white-collar workers to work overtime at night in the office late, hungry to the hungry, to call it a day when the meal will go to eating habits, so it is easy to gain weight. Facts on eating habits in the morning meal, you can stick to late night. In this case, in bed before 11 o'clock, do not sleep hungry, 11 is a threshold.

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