Monday, September 26, 2011

How to Beat a Yeast Infection

Such specific infection are believed to be primarily an issue involving women of all ages, however, are you aware that men can be infected with it as well? Studies say that men can acquire the problem when he has had sex with an infected partner. To be afflicted with the ailment can't just be embarrassing but an annoying one as well. Thus, we give you some of the measures you can employ on how to go about treating yeast infection.

As Tea Tree Oil undiluted is very strong you will need to mix 10 drops it with 1 pint of water for each teaspoon of Tea Tree Oil and one teaspoon of rubbing alcohol. All you need is a good anti-fungal; Natural home remedies for yeast infection symptoms like Tea Tree Oil, garlic or yogurt are great for making you feel better quickly. But the truth is that they really only do the first step of a the treatment that we mentioned earlier.

Yeast thrives in moist damp places, so be sure to wear loose cotton clothing (especially panties if you are experiencing the infection "down there") and keep your body clean and DRY!

Plain and unsweetened natural yogurt is one more way of raising the number of good microbes in your body. Actually, yogurt can be applied as a natural treatment for Candida infection. To do this, rub the yogurt onto the infected region and then after a few seconds clean it off. This can decrease the itchiness.

Sugar is one of the most common catalysts where yeast infection is concerned. You should avoid sugar completely or at least try to decrease your intake of it if total elimination is impossible.

Using vinegar for yeast infection, is this a joke? Many are hesitant to try this home remedy because they are afraid of the possible effects of the strong odor of vinegar. On the other hand, apple cider vinegar or white vinegar is very helpful in treating yeast infection because they are natural antiseptic. They slowly eliminate the bad fungus in the area. It can be used as a douche. However, do not use by itself. Make sure to add water.

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