Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Need To Get A Facial Mole Removal Done

Moles which are present in the noticeable parts of the body usually makes one feel very awkward about it. The discomfort caused by the mole is even more if it is on the face. Despite the fact that moles do not harm a person in any way, one may feel that the presence of a mole on the face is affecting their appearance. However all of the moles that exist on the face are not regarded to be unattractive. In reality some of the moles are located in places that make it appear to be a sign of beauty.

 The main reason for getting a facial mole removed is usually cosmetic. There are many techniques for getting facial mole removal done. Three commonly used approaches are laser removal, excision without sutures and excision with sutures. Moles that are usually small and flat are removed by the method of laser. The inability of laser to penetrate too deep into the skin is the reason behind this. It is one of the techniques that does not cause much pain. Being expensive and the possibility of a scar being left, are the two major drawbacks associated with this method.

To remove deep moles the most preferred option is excision with sutures. Along with the mole some area around it is also removed. A disinfection should be used to clean the area before getting it removed. Once the specific area has been removed stitches are applied to it. Depending on how deep the mole is the depth of the stitches is determined. For a mole which is not too deep, stitches need to be applied on the surface.

For the moles which are not too deep the method of excision without sutures is used. A scalpel is used to remove the mole. The wound is then cauterized so that the bleeding is stopped. This kind of mole removal has a risk of the mole growing back. The reason behind this being that there are chances of a few growth cells being left if the mole is removed using this method. Any kind of excision method involves the chances of the formation of a scar.

Mole removal can be done with the help of one of the other widely popular methods. This is the natural home remedies. It is much cheaper as compared to the methods stated before. These methods have a very less probability of leaving a scar and they also can be carried out comfortably at home.

 One of the most effective ones is the use of apple cider vinegar. The acidic nature of apple cider vinegar is basically the thing that helps in mole removal. Having said that, the skin around the mole also gets affected due to its application. This can be prevented if petroleum jelly is applied on the area surrounding the mole. Once this is done apple cider vinegar needs to be applied on the mole with the help of cotton. A scab is thus formed in a period of about two days. One should let the scab fall on its own. The moles can thus be removed effortlessly.

 Moles that have been examined and have been affirmed to be safe are the only ones on which home remedies can be done. One needs to consult a doctor for moles that appear to be suspicious. Removing of facial moles always has the danger of a neural damage. It is thus important to take proper care.

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