Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Brain Stress Cycle And Natural Vitamin Supplements

What is stress? All of us in terms of, stress can be seen as a process of interior design starts using the threat of an image that becomes imbalance, in which a person is unable to adapt in a timely manner. Stress is usually done in acute (brief) or chronic (long-term, possibly repeated) stress factors in the body. Examples: Road Rage Against you in traffic this morning triggered an acute stress, while annoying the boss of the work is triggered by chronic stress.

How much of psycho physiological mention that you are "stressed"? Would it be dangerous to you?
Your brain is full of spirit Endeavour mitigate these stressors an additional opportunity for the psycho-physiological homeostasis of the body. A challenge may be due to stress factors for modern humans are different stressors in early humans. First human face only acute stressors and debilitating genetic gave our time to give us two basic options: fight or flight! In any case, the system requires a mode of action, the fight against the more exaggerated the problem acute or run from it.
People these days are facing different stresses. The same chronic or repeated stressors often the case, said an annoying boss requires a response which is certainly not physically fight or flee. His whole body responds in its own way by releasing several primitive biological molecules, the neurotransmitters in the brain that induce the body to take action. But what action is appropriate dummy?

Modern problems require more options, and do not overdo them. This means that smoking and not to "stress" as (s) play stressor at the end. When the body is prepared activities are extremely acute, it will disable some of your own body systems, such as learning and memory, and gave the presidency to tell others of breathing and pumping oxygen-rich blood to the muscles quickly. Went to the stressor, the body reacts with the balance (homeostasis that is) its systems.

But imagine if the stress continues to repeat, and his body never returns to homeostasis? At this stage, the disease shows its head, is able to turn deadly! People have a wrong understanding, but what? United States, 75% of trips to health are stress-related problems.

Exactly what happens in your body and what you can do to improve your complaint?
The global brain dynamics are to maintain homeostasis in your body if the release of certain neurotransmitters (in particular circumstances, at the molecular level, communicators) is more than feeling the limbic system of the brain. Phylogenetically speaking, the emotional center of the fight or flight is very ancient, pre-modern man. Neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin, GABA, and the precursor of adrenaline) cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB) ​​for the full functioning of the body. The brain contains the BBB to help keep the body from harmful molecules in it, and distribute the action of control molecules (neurotransmitters).

The next phase of the neurological system (of which the mind can control the center) was divided by the sympathetic nervous system to quickly move the fight or flight, and the parasympathetic nervous system, an extraordinary opportunity for the homeostasis of the body. Scalping strategies are to coordinate the body's reaction to the threat and immediately after.

Two possible problems can occur in response to the threat (s):
1. Exaggerated the extent of the acute response.
 2. Extended Solution to chronic repeated threats real or imagined. What serious clinically identifiable symptom as their brain is not advanced enough to automatically handle the threats phylogenetically modern age. Precisely what is called the stress cycle and movements that will communicate with the disease and even death?

What can be done to mitigate, if not solve these things, because the phylogeny of the human race?
When the age of plasticity or changeability within the brain is reduced then a simple treatment of acute, as the amount of pharmaceutical professionals (infection of the approach) are generally insufficient or less. Approach to wellness (preventative maintenance is the best, because of natural supplements for health after a certain time, the advice of your physician you strengthen in acute trauma and strengthens vitality to face chronic threats.

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