Monday, January 23, 2012

Old Age IVF Solution India

The concept of fertility being confined to youthful years has openly been challenged and almost proven mythical by the success of the Old Age IVF better known as in vitro fertilization. One of the most striking achievements of the modern day gynecological science and health technology, the concept has breathed new life among the number of childless couples across the world and helped sustain many a marriage with its far reaching effects. With a procedure that is safe and secures, the stigma of infertility is being treated like never before. This is testimony in the fact that millions of couples have already benefitted from this resource and many a couple can look forward to realizing their cherished dream even in the old ages.

Although the concept of old age pregnancy and motherhood is not a new phenomenon, the widespread and choice full selection for such means was certainly never as easy as now. Records do suggest that women well into their sixties have had the chance of experiencing motherhood purely by the natural process of propagation. However this was more of a matter of chance and infertility was quite a social issue to be dealt with until the much awaited emergence of the Old Age IVF pattern.

The Old Age IVF is the first choice remedy for any case of Assisted Reproductive Technology. In any case dealing with damaged or deformed fallopian tubes and poor quality of sperm that prohibits the fertilization process, this treatment is the most sought after. In an artificial methodology, the female eggs are first fertilized externally and then placed within the uterus for its development and birth through the natural route. This process though simple has had magical effects so far which is also seconded by its astounding success ratio of nearly 72%.

In addition to a sharp rise in the maximum ages for conception, there has been a marked rise in the ease with which any couple can now approach for this kind of treatment. Another factor for the sharp rise of such pregnancies has also been the fall in costs for such a treatment. What started off earlier as quite an expensive affair that was restricted to the avant-garde in the society is now open to all and any strata of the society can take advantage of their availability. From around a minimum total cost of around a million mark only a few decades ago, Old Age IVF is available for as less as 1,50,000 which is far less than any prior estimates.

IVF and Botox are not the way to get Baby and cosmetically enhancement but the final alternative if cannot be achieved normally. Botox is to the face what IVF is to the ovaries - they both involve needles, both hurt like hell but one has a far greater success rate. No prizes for guessing which one. It's far easier in your forties to look like Nicolette Sheridan than to reproduce like Cherie Blair. And the success rates with IVF, the most assisted of assisted reproductive techniques is negligibly more than natural rates.

For instance at 45, there is a one percent chance of getting pregnant at all and then at least a fifty percent chance of miscarrying. The chances of IVF success between 40 and 45 is averaged out at ten percent but really starts at this and diminishes dramatically each year which is why many clinics will not perform a cycle for women over 42 using their own eggs. Whatever is the case, money or time should not stop you to take fast decision to start family.
One more drawback of late pregnancy is that your baby will be 20 when you may be almost done with your age and life. By the time you go on fresh rounds of IVF at the age of 41, having succeeded at 38, potential success rate had practically goes half and the potential miscarriage rate had risen by fifty percent and that also bad for your own health.

You can manage time and fix clock any way but our eggs remain the same and our body system will be same. We suggest all women or couples to take fast decision to start the family before it get very late and assume that in future more women will freeze their eggs when young, having learnt from a generation of women who found themselves, via modern circumstance, able to rid themselves of frown lines but unable to conceive a child.

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