Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Symptoms of Panic Attacks – 3 Danger Signs To Watch For

There are a lot of different problems that force people to freeze in their daily lives, and start to feel extreme fear and panic. These problems can seem normal for some, but for others, stress and hardships play a role in crippling daily routines. For those that have to deal with problems on a daily basis, panic attack disorder could be setting in and will require some focus. Changing things up and making sure that you recognize what is going on in your life is important, but before you can move towards change or focus on fixing ailments, you need to focus on what symptoms of panic attacks look like. They will manifest in a variety of ways, but most often in the following 3 views. Consider the following the signs below towards finding out whether or not you have a chronic level malady or an isolated incident.

•    Rapid Heart Rate – The first thing that you'll need to look into is rapid heart rate. The heart will beat fast, so fast that a person will feel pain in the chest. It will be an unorthodox kind of pressure, which will not only be isolated near the heart with beats, but rather in the chest, and through the arms. Some will mistake this type of problem for a heart attack, but it will not be such, it will be due to panic attacks.

•    Migraines – Another piece to the overall picture is migraine level headache. This will manifest directly in line with rapid heart rate, and will hit hard enough to stop most people from moving forward from work and or situations that they is inducing the attack. This coupled with rapid heart rate, can be a one two punch that can be tough to deal with.

•    Shortness of Breath – Alongside dizziness, migraines, and rapid heart rate, shortness of breath can be a major problem that most people misdiagnose. If you get hit with the aforementioned, and then can't breathe fully, you will most likely have this issue. This comes alongside with other symptoms, and it doesn't let up for most, and it can hit several times a day.

The above 3 symptoms of panic attacks are just a handful of issues that can be attributed to the malady associated with panic and deep trepidation. The fear that grips some people can come on fast, and go away within several minutes, while others can get hit hard several times a day or even a week. There is hope, however, as there are solutions that are both medically sound and effective. If you have looked for solutions and haven't been able to get full relief, it's important to not give up hope, as there are options to consider in these modern times. After you've found relief, you won't experience any symptoms above, and if stress starts to hit you hard, you will be able to overcome with relative ease. The above are just a few symptoms to consider, and not to ignore, as it will help you make big moves forward.

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