Friday, January 20, 2012

Tips on Buying Specs for Your Kids

If your child needs glassesMississauga, enough thought should be given on choosing the proper pair. Choosing specs for children is not that different from choosing them for an adult. But the problem is children have certain unique needs that set them apart from the grown- ups. So, in selecting the proper glasses for kids, you need to consider the durability of the specs and your child's willingness to wear them. Here is more information on what to consider when buying eyeglasses for your kid.

1)      Glasses

The age of your child decides the type of glassesMississaugato be chosen for him / her. You should ensure that the frames you have chosen are apt for your child. Your optometrist can suggest to you, but more often than not, selecting frames is your call. If you select metal frames, they are lightweight and flexible. But they can be bent easily. If your child is the type who bends things, you better get him stronger plastic frames.

2)      Lens

Your optometrist will prescribe the power and thickness of the glassesMississaugathat are to be used by your child. If the eye prescription requires your child to wear thick lenses, ensure that the frames are small and made up of light materials. This is to bring down the total thickness of the glasses so that your child feels convenient to wear them. Small frames also ensure that there is no distorted or blurred peripheral vision.

3)      Bridge

A child's nose is not fully grown, so when choosing glasses, see that they are appropriate fit to the nose. If the nose of the kid is not fully developed, glasses may slide off his or her nose. So, kids' glasses manufacturers consider this factor to incorporate apt designs and sizes in the bridges of glasses. You can ask for adjustable nose pads to ensure that the specs fit properly. They can come handy when your kid wants a pair of glasses that you know are going to slip off.

4)      Earpiece

The temple and the earpiece of the specs are as important as the bridge, they can help keep the glasses on the child's ears firmly so that they do not fall or slip off. See which style of earpiece suits your kid the best. You can go for the cable temples whose earpieces are more curved and can bend to cover the ear fully.

If the use is for specific purpose like for reading or seeing the classroom board, then you can get them standard temples so that the child does not have to face difficulty in wearing or taking the glasses off. Also, frequent removing of glasses can damage the frames and stretch the hinges.

5)      Scratch coating

There are certain other key points you need to keep in mind while buying your kid's glasses. You can get the scratch coated lens as children are not careful with glasses. Also, if there is a need for the child to use them for a longer time, you need to get the frames changed on time to suit the growth of the child's face. Scratch coated lens can be inserted into these frames and used for longer time.

Other considerations include spring hinges that are flexible and proper lens materials. Children also look at 'fashion' aspect when it comes to glassesMississauga, so see that the pair chosen by you is liked by your child too. If he or she does not like it, they may avoid wearing them or even throw them away.

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