Thursday, November 24, 2011

What Physical Therapy Equipment Can Do

Physical therapy is needed by athletes who have suffered some injury or patients who have suffered from some disabling illness. While they are recovering from their injuries or disease, their treatment often includes exercise to increase their endurance and improve their strength.

There is a variety of equipment available that is commonly used for physical therapy. These equipment can also be used to provide relief to people with conditions such as arthritic pain or neurological diseases. They can also be used for regular maintenance of health for those who want safe and effective home exercise equipment.

Back pain is one problem that such equipment can help to give relief from. Back pain is caused due to the compression of a nerve that begins in your lower back and continues to your lower limbs. This pain can be reduced by stretching your lower muscles by using the correct equipment.

If you are someone who sits for long hours in front of a computer screen, it can cause a condition in which your   hands tingle, become numb or even suffer muscle damage. This happens when the tunnel in your wrist where an important nerve enters your hand gets obstructed due to swelling. A physical therapy trainer can prescribe exercises to stretch the muscles and ease your pain. This can be done with the help of equipment that is used for physical therapy.

Knee injuries can also benefit from such equipment. They are the most common orthopedic injuries that athletes and non-athletes can suffer. They may be sustained when playing a sport or even occur in the elderly during the onset of osteoarthritis. Therapy equipment can will let the patient walk without applying too much pressure on his knees to reduce healing time. Rest is highly prescribed in such a condition however.

Some neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease and cerebral palsy can cause speech defects, poor motor functions, poor balance and paralysis in patients. Equipment for physical therapy can help such patients on their long road to recovery. Even stroke patients may benefit from such equipment.

A person with osteoporosis – a condition in which the bone tissue becomes thin – can also benefit from such equipment. There are various other benefits that it can have for someone with a disorder. However if you decide to purchase a physical therapy equipment for you or a loved one, make sure that you do so under the supervision of a therapist. Incorrect exercise can cause more harm than good.

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