Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ten Simple Tips to Help Women Sleep Better

Many women often have problems on sleep. For example, they are difficult to fall asleep after taking a long time, fall asleep easily and have no enough sleep time at night. Some of them do not want to settle it by medicines. So, following these 10 simple tips will help you overcome insomnia.

Firstly, do not worry about lack of sleep. Try not to worry about how long you can sleep, and this state of anxiety and insomnia will fall into a negative cycle, which is known as the "awareness of insomnia". It often occurs when you are very worried about whether you can get enough sleep.

Secondly, do not force yourself to sleep. If you try to force yourself to fall asleep, you often wake yourself, and it is very difficult for you to sleep. Thirdly, only when you are really sleepy, you go to sleep. When you are not tied and lying in bed, in addition to a waste of time, you will spend more time to sleep.

Fourthly, do not see the clock again and again. Many people have this habit of sleep when they cannot sleep, they would like to watch the time to calculate how many hours they can sleep habitually. This will contribute to anxiety and it will be harder to fall asleep. Fifthly, warm up before you go to bed. Some studies have found, keep your body before going to sleep, for example, a hot bubble bath, you can easily fall asleep.

Sixthly, do not oversleep. Even if you have nothing to do at night, do not sleep too much. If you sleep so a few days, it will break your biological clock, and then you will be hard to sleep at night.

Seventhly, you should have healthy sex life. Sex life is well-known as a good way to relieve stress in the night. Healthy sex life not only can enhance feelings, but also relax your body, as well as good for asleep.

Eighthly, avoid drinking alcohol at night. It is generally agreed that drink before bed can help sleep; but in fact, alcohol may indeed play a sedative role, but it seems for a long time, alcohol may lead to many side effects on sleep.

Ninthly, do not eat, watch TV or read in bed. While these things will help some people sleep, but also give your brain a subconscious: bed is not suitable for a place to sleep, it makes you sleep badly.

The last, if you have a lunch break or a nap habits, and want to fall asleep more easily at night, then you can first try to quit lunch break and see what happens.


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