Friday, November 25, 2011

Buy medicines only from an authentic Canadian pharmacy

It is common knowledge that Big Pharma and the FDA have been propagating against Americans buying their medicines from Canada. Big Pharma has a very influential lobby and strong political connections. It wants Americans to buy their medicines created by US pharmaceutical companies for obvious reasons.
But there is no law that states that Americans cannot buy their medicines from across the geographical boundaries of the USA. And when Canadian pharmacies offer such price benefits, who wouldn't want to save money on medicines? However, before you start buying medicines from a Canadian pharmacy online it is important that you authenticate the website.

Spotting a fake Canadian pharmacy may not be the easiest of tasks. There are many such fake Canadian pharmacies that are always looking to steal money from you. And on top of that you have this constant fear of buying medicines from Canadian pharmacies that has been instilled by American pharmaceutical companies and Big Pharma.

So, what do you do to ensure that you have chosen an authentic Canadian pharmacy out of the many Canadian pharmacies that are there on the net?

The first step is to look at the CIPA accreditation. CIPA or Canadian International Pharmacy Association is the only body that can accredit a Canadian pharmacy selling medicines online. Any online Canadian pharmacy will have the CIPA seal on their website. But is this enough to prove their genuineness? Not at all. Many fake Canadian pharmacies have been using the CIPA seal illegally.

The best option for you is to visit the CIPA website ( and check for the authenticity of various Canadian pharmacies. Any genuine Canadian pharmacy will be listed on this website.

The second step is to check another Canadian agency. Pharmacy Checker is a website ( that tells you whether a Canadian pharmacy is genuine or not. All genuine Canadian pharmacies are listed with this website too. Moreover, also lets you compare the prices of medicines across various registered websites and you can compare the prices to get the best price benefit.

The third step to be taken to ascertain the genuineness of Canadian pharmacies is to visit their individual websites. If the Canadian pharmacy is genuine you will find their physical address listed on the website along with their license number. The CIPA, and Health Canada logos should also be there.

To ensure that you are dealing with a genuine Canadian pharmacy, call them up on their listed number. Genuine Canadian pharmacies will have a professional customer service cell where all your queries can be handled properly. Speak to the customer service representative and ensure that you are satisfied with their response. A few minutes on the phone with a customer service representative and you will know if you are dealing with a genuine website or not.

To ensure that you get genuine medicines, always deal with authentic Canadian pharmacies. Use the ways mentioned above to locate an authentic Canadian pharmacy and you will never have a situation of fake medicines being shipped to you.

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