Monday, November 14, 2011

Finding The Right Houston IVF Clinic

Every single day, somewhere in America, someone is struggling with the ability to have a child of their own. When getting pregnant the traditional way isn't working, or isn't possible, many people are turning toward a Houston fertility clinic for information on IVF, or in vitro fertilization.

Throughout Houston, IVF is a very popular way of getting pregnant. The process is fairly simple, depending upon who is giving up the egg and who is giving up the sperm to create the baby. In most cases, the egg is extracted from the female and then the sperm is extracted from the male. In a laboratory, the sperm is placed into the egg until it is fertilized. The embryo is then incubated until it splits, at which point it is placed into the uterus of the host mother.

When you're looking around for a Houston fertility solution, you need to interview multiple places to find out what their recommendations are for you. Every clinic has a different specialty and a different way of doing things. IVF, while the most popular, isn't the only way of getting pregnant. There are also hormone and gene therapy treatments, surrogacy and many other options to discuss.

In addition, a Houston fertility clinic may or may not administer hormone therapy drugs to the woman undergoing IVF. The use of these drugs is very different amongst medical practitioners because of what they often produce. Many women using these drugs often produce multiple children, sometimes leading to twins, triplets and even larger multiple births.

As you look around for a Houston fertility clinic, you need to ask a lot of questions, such as their stance on hormone therapy drugs, how their procedure goes and what their costs are. IVF can be a very expensive procedure, so it's important to know what the costs are to determine if this is the right solution to your desire to have children.

As you look into Houston fertility options, you must also decide where the egg and sperm are coming from. Traditionally, the couple that wants to produce the child uses their own egg and sperm so that the child has their genes, however this is not always the case or possible. If any of these scenarios differ, your clinic must be able to provide you with an egg donor or a sperm donor to complete the process.

Houston IVF clinics will often share with you all of the risks involved. Each one may give you a different percentage of the process working, too, which is based upon their success rates. If you have been trying to conceive for a while, it's probably important that you have a higher success rate - especially based on how much money you are spending for the process. Asking this question and using it to decide on the right clinic will be very helpful.

You don't have to go with a Houston IVF specialist, either. If you opt for surrogacy, that is, someone else carrying the embryo for you, then you're looking at a fertility clinic, which could just provide you with a very well educated gynecologist.

There are many Houston fertility options out there and you need to explore them all before deciding on one that could change your entire life. Arming yourself with a list of questions to ask each facility will help you make an educated decision, and bring you one step closer to becoming a parent.

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