Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cigarette Addiction Can Lead To Thyroid Diseases!

If you are consistently smoking cigarettes as well as other tobacco containing substances then it is time for you to get rid of this addiction. This is because addiction to nicotine can prove to be extremely harmful for you as it is chiefly responsible for causing thyroid diseases and a range of other disorders.      

There are two kinds of thyroid diseases: hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. Consistent smoking of cigarettes hinders the functioning ability of the thyroid gland and leads to
thyroid diseases. Cigarette smoke contains the dangerous ingredient cyanide and when an individual smokes, it facilitates the formation of thiocyanate, a particular compound that hinders the body from taking in iodine. This ultimately results in hypothyroidism or
lesser production of thyroid hormones. 

So buddy, it is important for you to quit smoking at the earliest and the stop smoking aid chantix can make it possible for you. Regarding chantix, let me state it right here
that it is a prescription-based medicine and hence you are entitled to buy chantix only after procuring a chantix prescription from the doctor.

As you start taking the quit smoking aid chantix as per the recommendations of the
physician, it springs into action immediately and induces a pleasure feeling inside the brain. When it happens, you get rid of nicotine cravings and this further makes it possible for you to quit smoking without any difficulty. 

Guys, it is notable that you can purchase chantix online straight from home by logging into authentic online drug stores and also you can choose to buy chantixfrom the nearest drug store. However,  fter you get hold of chantix pills, you can opt for chantix starter pack and start administering chantix as per the recommendations of the doctor.

 Also, it is obvious that as you start using chantix, you may fall prey to a few chantix side effects such as headache, sleep deprivation, sleep deprivation, gas and nausea. But these effects of chantix last for a very short period only and as soon as you become a victim of any of these side effects, you should contact the physician immediately. 

Well buddy, you need to take chantix as per the instructions of the physician only. Never take excessive doses of chantix or lesser than instructed by the doctor. You need to take chantix after food only and also it is to be swallowed with a glass of water.  I would like to clarify that intake of chantix along with specific medications such as theophylline or blood thinners like warfarin is likely to cause serious drug interactions. Hence, you should aviod the consumption of chantix along with any of these medicines.

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  1. From my experience, I feel downright awful before I started thyroid supplements . But now i feel great!