Monday, October 24, 2011

Beat those Blues with Agomelatine

Depression is a debilitating condition which makes a person in adept to perform his/her daily activities effectively and enthusiastically. Science has found that depression is not just a psychological disorder or state of mind but it is a physiological disease which is an outcome of imbalance in brain chemicals. It is characterised by low mood, lack of energy, interest, fatigue, feelings of sadness and meaninglessness.

Though most go through such depressive state at some point of our lives when we feel literally down in the dumps but that is usually for short periods and is more often than not circumstantial. However, when such a condition becomes a daily order of the day with feelings of sadness and hopelessness interfering with a person's daily activities, it can be termed as clinical depression which needs treatment. Agomelatine is an anti depressant drug which offers effective anxiety disorder treatment.

What makes this anti anxiety drug special from a variety of drugs used for the treatment of depression is that agomelatine uses melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone present in the human body which is responsible for regulating sleep and maintaining circadian rhythms of the body. Since sleep is essential to health and well being by recharging our bodies to carry out the activities for the next day, a disruptive sleep can result in low mood, less energy, less vigour, fatigue and sometimes irritability resulting in depression if prolonged.

Agomelotine by promoting restful sleep, help our mind and body get recharged and energized naturally through sleep thus avoiding depression and anxiety. In scientific terms, agomelatine blocks the 5HT2C receptors, which are normally activated by the neurotransmitter serotonin and are generally responsible for causing anxiety, irritability, compulsive behaviour and depression.Along with blocking these depression causing brain cells, this anti depressant drug also increases the dopamine and nor epinephrine levels in the brain which are known to improve and brighten the mood.

The most unique feature of this wonderful anti anxiety medicine is that once ingested, agomelatine attaches itself to the cellular melatonin receptors in the brain and triggers a response that is identical to the naturally occurring melatonin in our body. It is thus rightfully referred to as world's first melatonergic antidepressant and is the main reason behind the wide spread popularity of this drug.

Another good feature of this anxiety disorder treatment drug is that agomelatine is non-habit forming and devoid of any potential side effects associated with other conventional anti depressants. With no withdrawal symptoms and toxicity, agomelatine is completely safe to take.

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