Thursday, December 8, 2011

What You Should Know about Sexuality

Sexuality can be defined as a condition which is characterized and differentiated by sex and passion. It is said to be a quality, power and a sexual character. It is not marked by beginning or end because there is no beginning or end in it. It refers to the vitality of a person. It is a very broad term which includes the complex array of feelings, beliefs and behaviors in relation to expressing ourselves as erotic beings. Sexuality is an important characteristic like spiritual, emotional mental and physical health which makes one person unique and different from the other. Like other parts of a person's personality it is necessary that Sexuality also matures throughout his or her lifespan and be nurtures in an appropriate way according to his or her age.

There are situations which result in problems with Sexuality like day to day circumstances, stress at work, conflict in relationships and other problems resulting from traumatic events. Problems relating to sexuality can be very normal these days and is even expected as a result of living in such a complex world. For instance, it is often seen that most couples experience sexual arousal and pleasure at the beginning of their relationship which usually diminishes in due course of time.

It has been argued that it is possible to be sexual without having sex but it is not possible to enjoy sex to the fullest without Sexuality. There are many women who are away from their Sexuality but still engage in sexual acts. They may have sex with their partners but due to lack of sexuality they cannot feel absolute pleasure and that is the reason why they come out of such acts with what's a big deal kind of attitude. They may have felt good for the moment but later they may feel degraded or reduced in to an object. A good gym session might be more satisfying and fulfilling for many of the women.

It is often said that sex without Sexuality can be demeaning which means that it makes the sexual act nothing more than a sweaty physical practice. This is so because sexuality is not engaged in it and lack of involvement of sexuality can lead to your removal from the power of the act. However, with the involvement of genuine Sexuality you can achieve satisfying and passionate sex irrespective of your age. Therefore, while involving in sexual act Sexuality is very important.

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