Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Do You Ignore Your Potential Cancer Symptoms ?

It seems to be that a common misconception is that the development of a tumor is not associated with any warning signs, at least in the early stages of its development. You may find this is not always entirely true. The problem is that most individuals will ignore these initial warning signs or deny they may have a problem. It may be beneficial to learn about some of these symptoms because the earlier cancer can be diagnosed and treated , the better.
Any type of abnormal bleeding can be a sign of a tumor or cancer. For example if you cough up blood is could be a sign of throat cancer or if you see blood in your urine, it could be kidney or uterine cancer. Also if you have blood in your stool, it may not just be hemorrhoids and could be associated with tumors in the rectum or colon. Anytime you have unexplained bleeding, especially from an internal source, you will want to go to your doctor and have it diagnosed. It could be cancer or it could be something else but it is likely due to some kind of health issue you are having so you definitely should get it checked out.

Another potential  symptom of tumors are enlarged lymph nodes. These can easily be explained to some other disease. For example, they will become enlarged and tender when your body is fighting an infection. If the condition is persistent, it means something else is wrong and you should see your doctor Some of the areas that you may want to look for enlarged lymph nodes are in your neck, underarm or groin.
Another symptom that you can look for are any unexplained changes in the skin. Such changes could be a hidden indication of cancer. Moles that change are a definite warning sign. You should also be aware for any changes to the skins texture like scaling. One place where the skin can change due to cancer is in the breast area. So if you have any weird or abnormal skin issues, these should also be checked out by your doctor. 
Another symptom that you may not want to write off to a sore throat is difficult y swallowing. This can be a symptom of  gastrointestinal tract as well. It also may be one of the first signs of esophagus cancer.
If you have any of these symptoms then you should definitely consult with your doctor about them so that if it is cancer, you can get diagnosed early. Treating cancer in its early stages is easier and more effective.

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